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Advanced Wireless Muscle Stimulator EMS

Advanced Wireless Muscle Stimulator EMS

Advanced Wireless Muscle Stimulator EMS

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Now with our unique Waistline Reducing technology to shrink your waist and firm up your abs.

It works by emitting small electrical impulses from the EMS Control Unit directly to your muscles via a conductive gel pad. This causes your muscles to contract as they would do during a gym workout. As your muscles contract they tear slightly, and subsequently repair which causes growth of lean and toned muscle, giving you a greatly improved physique.


 Unrivaled Benefits:

Unique Waistline Reducing Technology - has a unique waist trainer built in. This means the ems module specifically targets the oblique muscles by adding extra conductive pads along your waistline that shape your waist to create a V-shape while reducing your waist size.

 USB Rechargeable Power - Our device has EMS modules that are rechargeable with a supplied USB cable - that means no batteries are required.

 Proven to Work - Wearing it will either replicate a low-intensity workout on its own, or multiply the effects of your existing gym or home workout meaning you can drastically reduce the time it takes to get fit and stay fit.

 Multiple Modes - can be adjusted to your comfort level and training goals, from the equivalent of a relaxing massage and rehabilitation setting, all the way up to an intense workout setting. There are 6 degrees of intensity to chose from.

 Well-being Enhancing - Maintaining a good physical condition is not only good for the body, but also has massive mental health benefits. When you see how fast you start to see results, it will boost your motivation to achieve more.


Muscle Toning

Clinically proven to tone your muscles. It increases blood flow to the connected muscle group which facilitates the delivery of vital nutrients to your muscle meaning an increase in overall muscle quality.

Advanced Fat Loss

It causes muscle fibers to contract and tear as if you were completing a workout. When the body repairs these muscles it is one of the most effective forms of calorie burn. When we burn calories, the body fuels the repair process with the breaking down of fat-cells. The result of this is fat loss.